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Provide the world with the fastest, most valuable information.

Accelerate the world's understanding of the power of data, and providing the tools to unlock its value.



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Craig is a highly talented technical expert with a track record of creating smart, automated and scalable analytical solutions. He brings a strong mix of commercial acumen, analytics capability and direct experience with cutting edge technology across banking, telecommunications, construction and media.  He has pioneered the use of fast data and cloud technologies in the corporate sector in New Zealand.   

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Jeffrey is a technically strong and detail-oriented data scientist with experience in a large variety of industries such as transportation, medical and supply chain. He is passionate about data analysis, data insights and modelling as well as using machine learning techniques to help solve key business problems in an efficient manner. He has previously worked on the micro-mobility usage project with the Hamilton City Council and using geospatial analysis.

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Ryan is an innovative and insightful Data Engineer with experience in a variety of fields. He is experienced in acquiring, formatting, manipulating, storing and exposing data using a variety of different technologies. 

Ryan possesses comprehensive expertise across multiple fields including Financial Services, Cryptocurrencies, Custom Web App development, Blockchain, Indoor Air Quality, Internet of Things (IOT), with additional experience in Research.



Boris is a creative and detail-oriented Data Scientist with experience in various AI-related disciplines, with a strong interest in Natural Language Processing and data visualization. He enjoys coming up with innovative methods to tackle problems, manipulate data and discover hidden insights. He has previous experience with topic modeling and 3D-network visualization of Twitter datasets, as well as ML-aided prediction of heart disease and clustering of medical complaints.


Pascal is a motivated data scientist with passion in analytics and statistical modelling. During his Mathematics PhD, he studied fundamental ideas of machine learning. He has experience applying his expertise in a variety of fields including industrial tomography, economics, natural hazards, and entertainment in both academic and commercial settings. He is keen on using his technical expertise to bring AI/ML models, data insights, and business intelligence to bring data-driven solutions.


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Damien is an innovative leader with over 20 years experience heading up analytics functions for some of New Zealand and Australia's largest corporates. Damien  has  been  a catalyst  for data  driven transformation - delivering enterprise data strategies, advanced data science capabilities and cultural change to enable data driven decision-making.

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Emily is an experienced data storyteller and visualisation curator who uses insights to influence change and accelerate business performance. She brings a unique  skillset combining technical analytics expertise with a robust data governance background. She has strong leadership capability having built high performing team cultures through the use of agile analytics.

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Brice is an innovative and proactive data scientist with experience in a variety of fields. He has championed digital transformations in multiple corporate and governmental bodies via the introduction of automated reporting, data-driven insights, and statistical machine learning. He is adept at leveraging existing capabilities and introducing cutting edge technology to make this transition successful.




Ollie is an inquisitive and detail-oriented data scientist with experience in a variety of fields from financial services, sport science and retail analytics, to academic research. With a PhD in statistics and a number of published papers in peer-reviewed journals, he has strong technical expertise in data platforms, data analysis and computational statistics, including applications in AI and machine learning to help solve a range of analytical problems.

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Clément is an inquisitive Data Scientist with a strong programming background. He is an expert in the retail industry, and has used innovative approaches to solve problems such as optimal facility location and statistical anomaly detection. His previous experience in the IT sector makes him very comfortable working in a fully CI/CD DevOps environment, using infrastructure as code and automating everything.

     Le Fleming Hall

Drew is a solutions focused Data Scientist. 

He has 10 years of analytics experience. First starting in Academia and Scientific research, then 5 years of experience in the insurance industry specializing in Analytics, Remediation, Pricing and Algorithm design, and Team Leadership.

Key projects that he has delivered include large scale customer remediation for system errors on complex financial products, using ensemble Machine Learning methods to predict customer conversion and churn, and statistical research and modelling for the drivers of Reading for Pleasure for children living in New Zealand to influence government education policy.

Zoe is a technically strong Data Scientist with experience in a variety of analytical disciplines across programming, data analysis, data insights, data visualisation and statistical modelling. She has previous experience across the property, medical, bio-engineering, forensic mental health and legal industries and is passionate about using data to solve real-world challenges including helping to support people in need and improving medical and social outcomes for all.


Jack is a highly technical data scientist and optimisation engineer with experience in a range of fields and industries. He brings knowledge from the lucrative field of quantitative trading, NLP for document AI algorithms, and data-driven optimisation techniques. He has previously worked as an AI Engineer for an established AI start-up and as a Quantitative Developer at a large overseas trading firm, developing a range of technical and analytical problem-solving experience over multiple industries.

Keeta Chapman

Keeta is a forward-thinking data scientist with a passion providing simple visualisation of complicated processes. She has strong skills in data analysis, data visualisation and data insights due to a scientific research background. These skills were developed through the analysis of satellite data during her Masters. She’s a keen problem solver and thrives when approaching a problem that needs innovation to provide the best solution.

Image by Matthew T Rader

We are always on the lookout for exceptionally talented individuals with an aptitude for data and analytics. 

If you enjoy working on challenging problems from a variety of fields in a dynamic and fun environment, do not hesitate to share your CV with us!

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