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Our Services

Luma Analytics offers a range of consulting services across the entire data and analytics ecosystem. From building data platforms, data engineering and business intelligence solutions through to advanced machine leaning and AI applications. We are here to help you accelerate your data capability by providing the strategic guidance and technical expertise to do more, move faster and be smarter with data.

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Data Science & Analytics

Transform your business with the latest innovations in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. 

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Cloud Data Platforms

Deploy and optimise your analytics platform in the cloud. Thrive with the latest innovations in cloud based data and analytics technology.

Competitive Analysis identifies and eval
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Strategic Consulting

Leverage our strategic thought leadership, commercial acumen, and experience in data driven business transformation to succeed with data.

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Reporting & BI

Bring your data to life to enable the right decisions at the right time with industry-leading reporting solutions, visualisation and data storytelling. 

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