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Cloud Data Platforms

Backed by strong DevOps and Infrastructure-as-Code, our cloud platforms provide a secure, scalable and cost efficient way to deploy your analytics workloads.  We are supplier and reseller agnostic and will always use and recommend the best technology and tools for your business.

Examples of Our Work with Clients

IOG Example of Client Work.jpg

Institute of Golf


Serverless Calculation Engine

Challenge – Build the cloud infrastructure, code and serverless calculation engine to power the worlds most advanced golfing player performance intelligence application. ​

Solution – Our data engineering team developed a fast, scalable and robust real-time serverless calculation platform backed by cutting edge infrastructure as code, test driven feature flag development and continuous integration and deployment.​

Outcomes – The platform is fast and incredibly efficient, returning the output of complex machine learning algorithms running in real-time on large data tranches in seconds. The platform now benchmarks, predicts and provides personalised coaching recommendations in real time to golf players right around the world at

TVNZ Examples Banner.jpg

Television NZ

TVNZ Logo 2.png

Modern Azure Data Platform


Challenge – Help TVNZ modernise their data infrastructure by migrating from an on-premise solution to the cloud.

Solution – Our engineering team architected and deployed an Azure data platform incorporating some of the most innovative tools in the market such as Azure Databricks and Azure Data Factory.

Outcomes – A powerful, stable, secure and scalable platform to run all the business engineering data workloads, including those not possible under the constraints of the legacy system.


Black Sheep Coffee

Black Sheep Coffee Logo (1).png

Retail Insights Data Warehouse


Challenge – The client was running an inefficient Azure data platform with over 50 reports which was causing inconsistencies in reporting and lack of trust in the data. This meant they were unable to make effective decisions to run their business. ​

Solution – Luma Analytics built a simple and streamlined Azure architecture, feeding a single data warehouse and only 3 Power BI reports.​

Outcomes – Accurate and timely data enabled better decision making for the rest of the business. Furthermore, data pipelines completed faster and cloud infrastructure costs were reduced.

Luma Website Cloud Data Platforms.png

Business Applications

Our engineering team has experience deploying cloud platforms which deliver:


  • Automated, seamless and fast deployment.

  • Full Infrastructure-as-Code.

  • Integrated DevOps.

  • Scalability to handle any workload. 

  • Cost efficiency so you only pay for the services you need when you need them. 

  • Best practice data engineering pipelines.

  • Integrated data quality monitoring. 

  • Advanced cloud security management to protect your data assets. 

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